Pass the SAFE Act


If you’ve ever been to a horse auction, you may find cold-hearted meat buyers calmly bidding on one of God’s most magnificent creatures by the pound — and it’s why we’re asking you to take action today. Habitat for Horses founder Jerry Finch witnessed a horror show, where these sensitive, intelligent animals stood shaking and terrified on their last stop before the slaughterhouse.

In 1997, before Habitat for Horses’ founding, Jerry saw an eight-month-old colt waiting for his turn at the auction stand. The two locked eyes, and Jerry says that’s when he knew — if he didn’t rescue this horse, who would? That beautiful colt, named Pete, has been by Jerry’s side ever since.

But Jerry will be the first to tell you that paying for a horse at auction only supports the market. We need to stop the slaughter transit system… and the good news is, the legislation is already written. Now we need every horse lover to help us get it passed to save these suffering equines.

The Safe Act Can Be the Way

Passage of the Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act would permanently ban horse slaughter in the United States and prohibit the export of American horses to Mexico and Canada’s slaughterhouses.

Various iterations of this legislation have been introduced since 2013 but have never gone to committee vote. The 2021 version has received significantly fewer cosponsors than in prior years — and that’s why we need you to take action today.

Find your representative’s number and urge them to pass the SAFE Act now. Your message could be the difference between slaughter and sanctuary.

Want to do more? Consider , and ensure more neglected, abused and unwanted horses find sanctuary. Here, equines can be put to real pasture… our 417 acres of pasture meant for all horses to live and roam freely.

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