Donkey hides belong on donkeys

Help us put a stop to the slaughter

Pseudo-medicines, snacks, candies and even cosmetics using gelatin made from donkey hide haul in nearly $8 billion per year. Manufacturers even try to conceal this horrific practice by calling the gelatin “ejiao.” They’re selling it on Amazon — and it needs to stop. Habitat for Horses is taking a stand against this horrific practice. As home to a lot of donkeys, we can tell you one thing: A donkey’s true healing power is in their ability to love. Peri and Finch, two donkeys born at Miracle Ranch, are proof of that.

We know you agree — donkeys should not be farmed or slaughtered for their parts. Please add your name to our petition now, and tell Amazon that donkeys and their hides are not for sale.

A donkey’s true healing power is their love

Stop Selling Donkey Parts

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